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Welcome to the Rupert Harvey's Flies YouTube channel – your gateway to an immersive world of fly tying expertise and angling mastery. Join me as I strap fluff to hooks to create saltwater and predator flies, bringing decades of experience and passion to your screen.

At, my commitment to excellence extends beyond providing premium custom materials. Now, through my YouTube channel, I invite you to embark on a visual journey, unlocking the secrets of tying flies that entice the most elusive of saltwater species and predatory giants.

Whether you're a seasoned fly tyer or just beginning your journey, my tutorials cater to all skill levels. Learn the techniques and innovative patterns that set your flies apart. Discover the full potential of our custom materials as I guide you through the process, ensuring your flies not only catch fish but tell a story of craftsmanship.

Subscribe, engage, in the art of fly tying with Rupert Harvey's Flies. Let's elevate your angling experience together – one fly at a time.