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NagHair- Purple

NagHair- Purple

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The trend these days is for more and more synthetics in fly tying. While I use a wide range of these fibres of the chemical industry, I still fall back on more natural materials when ever I can for my tying. NagHair is very old material which has fallen out of favour, hair from a horse’s tail.

The hair is stiff in the hand and feels course, its a solid fibre so will not flair when you tighten down on your thread but once wet it softens nicely.

NagHair suited to blending with other fibres like buck tail and Nayat to build length, Nag hair is 10 to 12 inch fibres . Being a straight fibre to build volume its best to hollow tie with a thread dam to hold  the "flair" . 

Approximately 10g per hank. 

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