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Rupert Harvey flies

Yak Minnow

Yak Minnow

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I used to tie these baitfish as a full synthetic fly but over the years I have made a move to use more natural materials so if lost they will degrade in the ocean rather, breaking down into micro plastics. 

But switching to 100% real Yak hair has another advantage of when it gets a soaking it comes alive becoming more mobile in the water and is natural translucent.

While your standard ep style flies can be trimmed to perfection the Yak Minnow While looks  "messy" and the reason is the unevenness in the head enhances the action of the fly.

Water moving over the head as it swims through current is diverted into all kinds of mini-currents and turbulence that make the tail wiggle and kick just like a real baitfish. 

Tied on Gamakatsu Sl12 


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