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I love Yak for its translucent qualities, and durability, but also because its natural length and wiry/coarse texture that allows you to create much larger flies with ease , but can still be used on smaller bait and shrimps. Yak is a natural fibers so 100% biodegradable, so if you lose a fly your not adding extra plastic to the ocean.

The coarse hair becomes supple when wet and has a life like quality when stripped. The hair being a touch thicker than synthetic makes it great for blending because the strands of hair can be counted easily. This allows you to create flies that are more uniform in color and profile.

When you are using a material without tapered tips like yak hair you can cut a section so you have two flat ends. The section will contain multiple fibers or hairs that are the same length. You can make the section longer by pulling a few hairs or fibers from the ends. This will make the entire section longer and taper the end, which means the the limit on the size flies you can tie just went way up! And less wastage of material on smaller flies by cutting the length you need and tapering, equals less trimming to shape

Being just a touch thicker and stiffer than most synthetics yak doesn’t foul or trap air as easy .  Yak hair quickly softens when it saturates with water, and it’s long natural fibers react great to UV light well. It also comes in a variety of colors all of which I dye myself.

yak and invisible tabs available from my website

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