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Rupert Harvey flies

Yak Muddler- Flashless Tan

Yak Muddler- Flashless Tan

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No flash in this fly, plain Jane as dull as can be, just how the Roosterfish like it.

In my quest to minimize the use of synthetic I started swapping out synthetic materials for naturals.  

So instead of the Kinky fibre used in the classic Kinky muddler I now use real Yak hair , hense the name Yak Muddler. 

The Yak Muddler is a deliberately wide-headed pattern. The purpose of the width is to create currents and kick the tail into action described below, but also to push some water and imitate round or cylindrical baits such as mackerel and mullet.

While looking more "messy," the unevenness in the head enhances the action of the fly. Water moving over the head as it swims through current is diverted into all kinds of mini-currents and turbulence that make the tail materials wiggle and kick just like a real baitfish.

The fat head/skinny tail swimming effect is a classic fly-tying trick exploited by lots of patterns is exaggerated by the rough texture of the head.

Tied on ahrex SA280 minnow.

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