Rupert Harvey's Flies: over 25 years crafting custom flies, premium materials, and a commitment to sustainability, where every cast is a masterpiece and every angler becomes an artist

your premier destination for a quarter-century of excellence in custom flies
and materials for fly fishing enthusiasts. For 25 years, we've been dedicated
to crafting bespoke flies that embody the perfect blend of tradition,
innovation, and precision, ensuring an unparalleled experience on the water.


In 2024,we're excited to announce a significant stride towards sustainability by
transitioning to plastic-free packaging. As custodians of our planet, we
believe in taking conscious steps to minimize our environmental footprint. Our
commitment to eco-friendly practices extends beyond the water, allowing you to
indulge your passion for fly fishing with a clear conscience.


At RupertHarvey's Flies, we not only provide exceptional products but also empower you
to become a master of the craft. Explore our collection of custom materials,
carefully curated to inspire your creativity and enhance your tying experience.
To further support your journey, we're thrilled to introduce tutorials via
YouTube, where you can delve into the art of fly tying, learning the
intricacies from the comfort of your own space.


Join us
in celebrating a legacy of craftsmanship and a future dedicated to
sustainability and education.
invites you to explore, create, and cast with confidence, knowing that your
passion aligns with a commitment to both excellence and environmental
responsibility. Welcome to a community where every fly tells a story, and every
angler is an artist.