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Rupert Harvey flies



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Large (pack of 5) suited #4/0  gamakatsu sl12 or ahrex sa270 #3/0 

Ex Large(pack of 4) suited #6/0  gamakatsu sl12 or ahrex sa270 #5/0 and #6/0 

For many years the my Fat boy was a go to fly for GTS and rooster fish. But given the fact it used Plasti dip in the process and I became aware of the potential hazards of using it I stopped producing them. Now they are back on the menu with silicone Fatboy's. 

A purpose built platform to hold the shape of the fly while adding minimal weight and strengthening the silicone, which<span;> has been dubbed The Sili "cone" . Making it easy to get the right profile every time .


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