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Rupert Harvey flies



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Medium (pack of 6) suited #1/0 #2/0  gamakatsu sl12 or ahrex sa270 #2/0 and the sa280 #1 and #1/0

Large(pack of 5) suited #4/0  gamakatsu sl12 or ahrex sa270 #3/0 and #4/0  the sa280  #2/0

The secret ingredient to how I tie my silicones.
The process of evolution of how I do these is a long one.
For many years I based them on Bob Popovics silicone flies that had a spun wool head that was trimmed to shape then coated with silicone. 
Then in an effort to get them lighter I started working on using a synthetic brush tightly palmered trimmed a coated with silicone thinking the synthetic core would shed the water quicker .

From there I went down the route of what someone dubbed as a "dildo "  after seeing me use it. Which was inserted onto the hook and used to to hold and shape the materials while the silicone dried then removed. Which resulted in an extremely light hollow fly. That worked brilliantly but was prone to splitting ( easy to repair with more silicone though.  This was a time consuming process and it the "dildo" was able to slip out you ended up with a ruined fly.

Next was the dissolving heads , eco friendly made for a blend of natural substance , the flies became extremely quick to make but the make the heads was pretty costly initial setup and also came with it own headaches, but I still use them as they produce cracking results.

Then came these a purpose built platform to hold the shape of the fly while adding minimal weight and strengthening the silicone, which<span;> has been dubbed The Sili "cone" . Making it easy to get the right profile every time .

Ideal for

Medium  suited #1/0 #2/0  gamakatsu sl12 or ahrex sa270 #2/0 and the sa280 #1 and #1/0


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