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The Flex Claw

The Flex Claw

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 I have been working this version of the 3D Strong Arm claw for close to two years and I finally happy with how it looks , preforms in the water, and the results on rod , it has been Dubbed "The Flex Claw" 

The original guys that started the 3D printing of crab parts ,Stream art design, have an amazing two part Strong arm claw that not only looks amazing but the fish loved them too, but it didn't suit what I wanted, so I went to the drawing board and put on my thinking cap.

 It's built on a central Flex Spine that keeps it balanced , and it's not One sided , and with the angle set by the tie in tab no need for UV glue to set the position of The Flex Claw as it  will flip the crab every time hook point up, if tied correctly that is . 

They are now available in 3 sizes all packs of 5 

• Small - #8 to #6 ( hook brand depending )

•Medium - #4 to #2 (hook brand depending.)

• Large - #1 to #1/0 (hook brand depending )






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